Terms of purchase

  • Tea House Oolong will send the products to the purchaser only after receipt of the payment from purchaser.
  • Products will be send from available stock or as soon as new stock is available again. In case there is not enough stock we will inform purchaser in time about the delay with a new delivery date.
  • Tea House Oolong cannot be hold responsible for unforeseen delays caused by different circumstances. But Tea House Oolong will do the utmost to complete every order within a acceptable timeframe. If this takes too long, Tea House Oolong will credit the purchaser for the full amount of the payment.
  • On acceptance of the parcel, purchaser is obliged to immediately inspect the parcel and the content on possible damage during transportation. In case of some damage of the parcel, purchaser is obliged to inform Tea House Oolong within 24 hours after receiving the parcel. Tea House Oolong will reply to your email by saying that we received your message. In case purchaser does not receive a reply from Tea House Oolong, purchaser is obliged to re-send the email about the damage, until there is a reply from us. This is necessary because of the difficulties these days in email traffic and the fact that emails often don't arrive at their intended destination.
  • Tea House Oolong has a Return Policy for purchased products. Buyer is allowed to return all products within 2 days. But only if the products are unopened, still in the same packing material, unused, not damaged or not spoiled by purchaser. Products that count for the Return Policy need to be in the same original state as at the time of acceptance of the parcel.
  • When using the Return Policy the following costs are to be paid by purchaser:
    • transportation to purchaser
    • transportation to the return address of Tea House Oolong
    • bank costs on both receiving and crediting the payment
    • administration fee of 2% from the total amount of the order
  • When buyer decides to return the goods, within the obligated 2 days, buyer is responsible for choosing the right way of transportation to make sure the goods are received in return. 
  • On receiving the goods they will be inspected. After approval of the original state purchaser will be credited for the rest of the payment after the full amount has been balancing with the costs as mentioned above.

We thank you for your understanding and welcome you to be one of our respected customers. Please don't forget to visit the e-Book page with a link to our free e-Book website with lots of information about tea and in particular Oolong Tea. And next, you will also find interesting articles on subjects that can help uplift the way we look at our reality.

Thank you,

Tea House Oolong